BMI and BMR Weight Calculators & Tools

A Basal Metabolic Rate Calculator makes it easy to find out how many calories you burn when you are at rest. While exercise increases the rate of calorie burning, even basic functions like thinking and breathing require the body to make energy. Knowing your own BMR gives you the power to create an exercise program that is ideal for you. Thanks to the calculator at, you can avoid doing complex math to find this vital information.

Basal Metabolic Rate Changes


In addition to varying between individuals, BMR can change within individuals over time. Adjustments in exercise, food intake and body composition can drive changes in BMR. Keeping track of your metabolic rate with a BMR calculator will ensure that you know how best to lose weight.

Modifying Your Diet and Exercise

Eating far too little and exercising far too much is a common problem for people trying to lose weight. When these efforts are taken to extremes, the body naturally reduces its BMR to maintain weight. By contrast, making the right adjustments to diet and activity levels will support a stable BMR and consistent weight loss. Programs designed for rapid weight loss should only be performed for short periods of time under the supervision of a doctor.

Understanding Body Mass Index

Commonly called BMI, body mass index is a number used to compare the weight of individuals to others of similar height. Although fat gain usually differs between men and women and people with different frames, BMI remains an effective way to determine if individuals are overweight. Once you have this information, you can more easily plan the right diet and exercise plan to reach your ideal weight. The BMI calculator for men offers the easiest way of determining this number for yourself automatically.

Using BMI to Maintain Progress

As you continue to lose weight, you should regularly compare your progress towards the accepted healthy BMI for men. This will help you in multiple ways. First, knowing your current BMI will let you know if your efforts are working and whether you should increase or decrease your efforts.

If you are losing weight too slowly, you may benefit from eating less and exercising more. BMI changes that are too rapid may indicate that you should take things more slowly so your metabolic rate stays in a healthy range. At the same time, having numerical proof of your progress will motivate you to stay on course towards your target weight.