Calculate your ideal body Fat and Weight

Obesity is a major risk factor for several diseases, and many people also feel self-conscious about being overweight. To lose body fat, however, requires the right approach and plenty of discipline. Keeping a healthy diet is important, but how many calories should you eliminate to reach your target weight?

The Best Diet for You


The right diet for you will depend on your metabolism. If you cut calories too much, you will reduce your metabolic rate and make additional weight loss difficult or impossible. This means that an effective diet will be moderate as well as sustainable. For example, instead of skipping meals, you should focus on monitoring the calories you consume each time you eat. The right amount of exercise combined with this diet will give you the long-term improvements you seek.

Simplify Your Weight Loss Plan

Constructing a workable diet may seem difficult, but you can make it easier with a body fat calculator that tells you how many calories you need to function normally. The calculator takes your current body fat percentage into account and gives you the information you need to know how to lose body fat.

What Is Your Ideal Weight?

Everybody has an ideal weight. While this weight will vary with factors like height, gender and age, it should include ample muscle mass and low body fat. Not only will this weight support your overall health, but it may also boost your self-confidence in a variety of pursuits.

Benefits of Having an Ideal Weight

Good health is strongly associated with ideal weight. For example, lower risks of certain cancers, such as breast cancer, have been linked to a healthy weight. Heart health is best with a higher percentage of lean mass and a lower amount of fat. Diabetes, a disease strongly linked to overweight, is reduced when weight goes down, and deeper sleep after weight loss supports better mood and energy levels.

Ideal Weight Varies

The best weight for an individual will depend on several things. Naturally, ideal weight will differ between two individuals of different height. As age increases, muscle mass generally goes down, causing ideal weight to change as well. Gender is a major factor in ideal weight as women naturally have a higher percentage of fat and less muscle mass compared to men.

Learning Your Ideal Weight

Determining the best weight for you can be difficult with so many factors involved. Fortunately, an ideal weight calculator is available to make this simple. You can visit to learn the weight that is ideal for you based on the information you enter.